Triplets at the Mall on Seniors’ Day

It is true that we cannot go for an outing without being stared at or stopped for a couple of questions. So much so that it does not register as abnormal anymore. We don’t mind, it’s part of our lives. The triplets are a crowd pleaser!

I remember once, it was incredibly cold outside ( -40 degrees Celsius) and I didn’t want to be home. The big girls where in school so I decided to go to the mall for lunch, library browsing, and to just walk around for a bit. What I didn’t realize is that it was seniors day at the store. What was supposed to be a nice quick outing turned into the best day ever for the triplets!

We first went for lunch and the nice couple next to us asked the same normal “triplets questions”. Then as a nice gesture they got us a nice ice cream dessert. The girls were so happy and it certainly made the couple happy. While running around the mall, the girls proceeded to be given lollipops from the hairdressers, 20 Timbits from a nice man and hot chocolate from a group of three wonderful grandmas (one of them being a great-grandma eight times over, which she made sure to tell us that!).

It was all very sweet. At one point I really wanted to refuse but just couldn’t crush their enthusiasm. For me it was one evening that was going to be a bit harder to put three beasts to sleep but hopefully the talks and the little acts of kindness they gave us made their day a lot sunnier.

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