Most Asked Questions and One-Liners

As a mom of 5 girls, including identical triplets, going out into public obviously attracts a lot of attention. A lot of people come up to me and ask all sorts of questions and share comments. I enjoy these encounters and it’s interesting to hear the perspective of others. I’ve noticed some questions or comments are quite common and sometimes even comical! Ever wonder what I’m asked? Here are some of the most common things I hear daily:

  • “Busy mom!”
  • “So brave!”
  • “I bet you wish you had three hands.”
  • “Are they triplets?” Me: “Yes.”
  • “You have triplets and twins?” Me: “No the older two just look very alike and are very close in age.”
  • “How old are they?” Me: “7, 6 and the triplets are 4.”
  • “Does it run in the family?” Me: “Identicals are a fluke, it could happen to anybody. But my husband’s parents both have a pair of identical siblings. So maybe it really does skip a generation.”
  • “Better you than me.” Me: “Yes, clearly lol.”
  • “Did you know you were having triplets?” Me: “Yes I found out at 6 weeks when I had to go to the hospital to get IV fluid because I was so sick.”
  • “How long did you carry them?” Me: “34 weeks and 3 days.”
  • “Were you big?” Me: “Yes, I was gigantic!”
  • “How big were the triplets at birth?” Me: “They were 5 lbs 8 oz each.”
  • “You must have been on bed rest.” Me: “Not at all. It was difficult to walk because I was like a whale out of water, but the pregnancy went with no complications at all. Except the extreme nausea.”
  • “Do you have help?” Me: “Yes, I had a nanny and she was the best. She stayed with us for 2 years then she left because she was getting married. I still blame her husband for her leaving us. lol”
  • “You look too young to have five children.” Me: “Thanks, but yeah I totally cheated and had five kids in three years.”
  • “I don’t know how you do it!”
  • “You are so blessed.”
  • “What a wonderful family.”

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